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New Patient Experience


When chosing a Ruston Dentist, you will find that we stand out for our service.  If you are seeking to become a new patient in our practice family or investigating the possibility of becoming one, allow us to congratulate you on your courage! We realize in order for you to place your trust in us for your personal care or for that of a family member, you are stepping out on faith! Thank you for the taking the initial step.

Before proceeding further, it may be helpful to understand some background about how we view caring for our patients. With every person who chooses to entrust their care to our staff, we are both grateful and humbled. It is indeed an honor and a privilege that we are being considered.


You may have heard from a friend, acquaintance or extended family member recommending a visit to our office. They may have already informed you of our patient-centered approach to dentistry. You may already know of our desire to thoroughly investigate situations both visible and hidden which contribute to your dental health or lack of it. We like to call this approach to dentistry-Comprehensive Care.


In order to bring the best care for you, our team takes the “extra mile” approach. We want to hear from you. History of past conditions or trauma, concerns regarding previous dental treatment, and current needs and questions are welcome and invited. We encourage the explanation of your hopes and goals for your own smile.


Accordingly, we will ask permission to obtain the necessary x-rays. Along the way, for our adult patients, we will request the making of study casts of your teeth and gums. We will use these to place on our state of the art jaw machine (we call articulator) that simulates your chewing motion. We have come to appreciate the value of high resolution digital photography. It is a multi-use tool which verifies and expands what the other information reveals.

In addition, during the examination phase, our team looks for subtle problems that often are “quiet”. Teeth with the gums and bone that support them will often present “puzzles” that we persistently attempt to find reasons. Some may be related to your gums (periodontal); a few may be related to how your teeth fit together and come apart (occlusion); others may point to hidden health challenges (oral cancer). All of this takes time and we appreciate your assistance in allow us to be thorough.


Finally, we like to say that everyone has a story! Your dental journey is a part of your story. Our team is anxious to learn about and hear your story. As the parts of your personal story come together, it is our fondest wish to assimilate and discover together solutions to issues that are uncovered. Together we can explore possibilities that meet your goals and expectations.


Perpetual Learners


For over 30 years, our team has invested in and places a high premium on continuing education. While the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry requires a minimum of 20 hours per year for each dentist, we see multiples of this requirement as our goal. Often times our staff will double or triple that minimum amount because we value continuing education. This allows us to not only be apprised of the latest that modern dentistry has to offer, but translates into value for each of our patients. Staying current with advanced procedures and diagnostic trends is a passion for us. Whether it is cosmetic dental care or dental implants or TMJ related problems, it is our goal to provide you with up to date standard of care.


Besides local, state and national meetings that provide excellent learning opportunities, we seek out high quality dental education from independent training sites (i.e. The Pankey Institute). Pioneers in our field like Dr. L.D. Pankey and Dr. Peter Dawson have inspired practitioners all over the world to purse excellence in the care of their patients.


Kalos Treatment


Speaking of excellence, we have a “code word” at our office that sheds light on our goal for treating each and every person that chooses to seek care. It comes from a story found in the gospel of Mark (7:31-37) from the Bible. After Jesus had healed a man who was deaf and had difficulty speaking, the crowd was “utterly astonished” because He did all things “well”. In the original Greek language, the word “well” (kalos) means the highest standard of excellence! While perfection would be an elusive if not impossible goal to achieve, we see excellence as our standard. This of course was modeled by One who was known as “the Great Physician”.


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Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our practice family!  In order to make your experience as comfortable as possible, we request that you bring the following items when visiting for the first time:


  • Your goals for your own dental health - we want to know!
  • You past dental history.
  • Current and past medical history - including current medications that you are taking.
  • Insurance information - ID card if available.
  • The person's name who sent you our way - we want to thank them!
  • Any recent x-rays from your previous Dental Office.
  • An openness to receive care from out team that we hope to be "over the top!"

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